Something Somewhere

The inaugural Something Somewhere Film Festival will be held over four days, from the 5th to the 8th of May 2016 in Alice Springs, Central Australia.

The event takes place just a few days after the annual Wide Open Space festival which takes place 29 April – 1 May this year. 

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    Thursday 5th May

    Something Somewhere’s opening night: a free, open-air, world premiere screening of Night Parrot Stories, followed by entertainment and short films in the Somewhere Lounge

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    Friday 6th May

    There will be a single feature film at the cinema on Friday night, followed by live music & art, games, cocktails, short films and fun in the Somewhere Lounge

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    Saturday 7th May

    Three features will screen at Alice Springs Cinema throughout the day; Saturday night will also be your last chance to enjoy the splendours of the Somewhere Lounge!

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    Sunday 8th May

    After the matinee screenings at Alice Springs Cinema, the final film will be Citizenfour at Araluen Arts Centre at 7pm.


Q&A Sessions

Each Something Somewhere screening will be followed by a question & answer session with guests and community respondents

Industry Panels

Filmmakers in Central Australia are making big waves nationally and internationally; we’ll hear what they have to say

Short Film Program

The Totem Theatre will host a late-night shorts program from Thursday to Saturday; see the program here.

Community Respondents

We wanted to choose films we thought would resonate with a local audience and generate discussion. To kick this off we’ve invited a couple of local experts to speak alongside each film as our “Community Respondents”.

Community respondents are locals who have an interest, background or area of expertise related to the film they are speaking after and we are excited to hear their insights as they reflect on the documentaries.

We’ll hear their initial impressions of the film in a fifteen minute post show chat with Festival Director Alex Kelly and then encourage you to head to The Goods or the Somewhere Lounge to continue the conversation with the respondents and other audience members.

We’re very grateful to our community respondents for agreeing to take part in the festival conversation.